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Very good animation and story, the music went well with too, 10/10 to me :D

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nahtanojmal responds:

I'm glad you liked it. Thanks

Nice, very nice!

Lol, really good flash, glad to see some Looney Tunes inspired stuff on here. The only problem was the quality of the backgrounds need to make those in a higher resolution or something, but other than that it had a great funny lil story and good animation :]

KFoxyFox responds:

Backgrounds are a bit of a problem with the more close-up shots anyway, but I'm better at that than I used to be ^^

Lol Awesome

Pretty good animation and hilarious

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lol Fat cat

Good game

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Good Game

A good Challenge and good physics.

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Great Song

Pretty awesome man liked the way it flowed

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Liked it

Wish it were longer,but I will listen to there full track

Pretty good

Reminds me of Dethklock if they were more black metal.

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A pirates life is the life for me!

Alestorm is an awesome band! you heard of Swashbuckle, they're another good pirate themed metal band.
Also yeah this is awesome!

TheShadling responds:

I fucking love Swashbuckle!


You show good weight in this, you should clean it up and then color it! it would look awesome!
Hey if you read this could you vouch for me or somethin cause non of my arts been looked at so I can't get it in the art portal.

Kunachi responds:

Lol, I don't "clean up" pictures.
I can't lineart, and probably never will.
She likes the colour the way it is, so I left it at that, but thanks. :)


Awesome, she's doing almost the same thing i made my drawing of Toph do, tho i like yours better, your version looks neat.

I'm into animation, my favorite animator is Hayao Miyazaki. I'd like become an animator for a good studio. I draw alot but and I try do get into other mediums. I'm also a skater, not great at it but it's my favorite thing to do outside. Big anime fan also

n/a, Male

Some were cold.


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