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Need Animation Help

2010-08-30 22:37:51 by Seth12D

I'm trying to make a Legend of Zelda Wind Waker animation, and I want it to have that paper texture look in the characters. Does any one have any tips or advice on how to make it have that look just in the characters, not the background, like just in their clothes in Adobe flash. I messed around in flash for good while and couldn't find anyway to do it. I added a picture of what I mean.

Need Animation Help


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2010-08-30 22:40:37

im still trying to learn how to use filters :|

Seth12D responds:

In Flash? Crap! Forgot to mention that I was doing this in flash!


2010-08-31 00:19:19

wish i could help
try asking the forum maybe?


2011-01-01 08:39:08

I think you done a good job here on link :)


2011-04-25 09:51:27

awesome toon link.